Voksi® Autumn and Winter 20/21 Collection

Introducing an Autumn/Winter Collection with a contemporary and premium look

The days are getting cooler, night is falling earlier and the leaves on the trees paint the landscape with hues of amber and gold. There’s something pretty special about the way nature tunes down its colours in autumn and winter. It’s a gentle movement from the bright dappled greens of summer to the rich, calming tones of the seasons that follow.

Our Autumn Winter Collection 2020/21 consists of a range of popular and well-proven sleeping bags for different weather conditions. All our autumn & winter sleeping bags will come with a matte nylon outer fabric which gives the bags a striking matte finish for a contemporary and premium look. We’ll help you welcome the cooler days with sleeping and stroller bags that offer both style and comfort.

Collection Overview Voksi Autumn Winter 20/21

Warm Winter

Mild Winter

Cold Winter