Voksi Baby Nest

In the womb, you gently comforted your baby with care and closeness; they were lulled and reassured by the feelings of familiarity and security. There is nothing on earth that comes close to that environment. At Voksi, we have tried our hardest to imitate this safe and nestled space with the Baby Nest.

Once your baby comes into the world, you can do many things to make them feel snug and secure. More importantly, each time you put them down they need that feeling of protection even more.

A comfortable and familiar place to rest

First of all, the Baby Nest isn’t a bed – we didn’t design it with sleeping in mind. What it does provide is a safe, comfortable and restful place for your baby to lie. It also keeps them close if you find it easier to settle or feed while lying together.

Whether you’re at home or travelling, the Baby Nest gives your baby their own cosy place to watch the world go by. It also gives busy parents flexibility while still making sure your baby feels at home wherever you go. So, when your little one is not in your arms, place them in the Baby Nest on a flat surface and it’s ready to be used for baby rest time, your hands-free time or play time.

Safe, portable, adjustable

The Voksi® Baby Nest uses a unique combination of materials and is designed to grow with your child. Some of the key features include:

  • high quality, soft materials of Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1
  • all washable parts
  • grows with baby – simply open the leather belt and fold out the extension piece for more space
  • firm but soft mattress which supports baby’s back and neck and meets the European standard (EN-16890) in regards to firmness
  • available in a range of soft, soothing colors
  • comes with a practical travelling bag

How should you use the Baby Nest?

Baby Nest safety: here are a few must-do’:

  • only place it on flat, low, non-heated surfaces
  • always place baby with their head at the pointed end of the Baby Nest
  • always place baby on their back in the middle of the Baby Nest
  • safely secure blankets or quilts under the Baby Nest and only cover your baby up to their stomach

Because it’s not a bed, it can be used for many things while baby is awake:

  • make the Baby Nest safe and favorite place for comfortable, supervised resting
  • for playing with your baby at floor level
  • for those special family moments gathered around your baby – watch them smile as they look up at your faces
  • to enjoy the relaxation of a baby massage
  • place a baby play gym above the Baby Nest to stimulate their senses
  • attach a mirror to the play gym and watch them discover their reflection
  • place baby nearby while you are also on the floor doing yoga or exercising
  • lay the Baby Nest near a window (away from curtain cords) where they can delight in moving shadows and nature

We’ve done all the tests on Voksi Baby Nest with child’s safety in mind

It’s important for parents to be confident that they are buying baby nests designed with their child’s safety in mind.

In everything we do at Voksi, our top priority is your baby’s wellbeing and safety. So we’ve done extensive testing to ensure the Baby Nest is rigorously checked against a number of risk factors. Because there are no baby nest standards, we worked with SGS France, a world-leading test and certification institute.

“At Voksi we put a lot of effort into producing the safest Baby Nest and therefore we wanted to test it before launching it,” says Ida Ising, Head of Design at Voksi.

“After risk assessment by SGS and consultation with other test institutes and furniture industry advisors, we can confidently say that the Baby Nest meets a number of national and international regulations and standards.”

All product parts are certified according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1

The more intensively a product comes into contact with the skin, the stricter the human ecological criteria it must meet. Consequently, the Oeko-Tex® Standard requires products to be free from harmful substances and safe for human health and the environment.

In addition, the Class 1 certification uses globally accepted standards for articles for babies and toddlers up to three years of age.

Free from harmful substances

The Baby Nest proudly wears the label, ‘Confidence in Textiles – tested for harmful substances according to OEKOTEX® Standard 100’. This means that every part of the product is free from harmful substances, phthalates, heavy metals and known allergens.

Each Oeko-Tex® certificate also confirms that certified products fulfil the requirements of:

  • REACH Annex XVII (including the use of azo dyes, nickel, etc)
  • REACH Article 33 (the obligation of suppliers to inform consumers, on request, if an article contains substances of very high concern (SVHS) above 0.1%)
  • POP Regulation (EU policy concerning the restrictions on the use of persistent organic pollutants)

As well as the French requirement that all textiles meet the flammability performance criteria of BS EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014.

Air flow and breathability

Since there is no standard to test for baby nest breathability, Voksi searched for an alternative way to test this. After guidance from test institutes and consultants we worked with the British Standard 4578:1970, regarding airflow through infants’ pillows. This air permeability test provides a measure of breathability (the ease with which air passes through the fabric structure) and airflow in a product. In reference to this method, the side panels for our Baby Nest show great breathability.

After consultation with test institutes and advisors, we made adjustments to the inner fabric of the Baby Nest. As a result, it allows the best possible airflow in the unlikely event of the child’s mouth resting against the side panels.

Other safety and quality features of the Baby Nest

  • YKK zippers – the highest quality and the safest
  • to prevent the risk of choking, there are no loose strings or cords on the Voksi® Baby Nest.
  • a leather closing mechanism adjusted for maximum safety
  • as open as possible to allow maximum airflow
  • comes with an intensive user manual with visual explanations for use
  • 120mm high side panels that prevent the child from lifting their head onto the panel and not being able to pull it back

What shouldn’t you do with the Baby Nest?

  • don’t use it for co-sleeping
  • don’t cover baby
  • don’t place it on a surface where your baby can roll and fall
  • don’t leave baby unattended in the Baby Nest (including when you’re sleeping)
  • don’t raise the Baby Nest, it should always remain flat
  • never place it on a high surface
  • to avoid the risk of suffocation, stop using the Baby Nest once your baby can move/turn from back to belly
  • don’t use additional mattresses, extra bedding or waterproof pee pads inside the Baby Nest
  • never use the Baby Nest for carrying your baby

To find out more, refer to the product warnings regarding proper use of the Baby Nest.

Tips for the safest sleep for your baby

Most importantly, here are some safe sleeping guidelines that Voksi recommends you follow:

  • Share the room but not your bed
  • The safest place for baby to sleep is on their back, alone in a crib or bassinet that meets safety standards (this applies for naps or night-time sleep)
  • Don’t bring your baby into bed with you if you or your partner are impaired by alcohol or drug use
  • Keep the room temperature between 16-20C (60-68F)
  • Don’t put any loose pillows, blankets or toys in your baby’s sleep area
  • Keep your baby away from smokers or smoky rooms

And when they’re not sleeping, give your baby a safe place to rest in the Voksi® Baby Nest – a beautiful product made with the care and attention that you and your baby deserve.