Our best tips for using your Voksi® stroller bag

Voksi® is developing products with focus on functionality and user-friendliness. For us it is important that you as a parent have products that fit your everyday life. In order to make the most out of your Voksi® stroller bag and to use it in the best way possible, we have collected some practical tips for you.

Check your child’s temperature

To make sure that your child is perfectly comfortable in their Voksi® stroller bag, it is important to observe their body temperature. The best way to do this is by checking the temperature in the back of the neck and on their hands.

Multifunctional usage

When spending your days outside together, for example with a picnic in the park, your Voksi® stroller bag can easily be zipped or laced open and functions as a soft blanket or underlay on the grass. If it’s time to change diapers while being outdoors, your Voksi® Ida Ising changing bag creates a hygienic and comfortable changing environment for your child.

A safe and well-known environment

Having familiar surroundings around them often helps babies and toddlers falling asleep when spending the night away from home. By being made of soft cotton, the Voksi® Light stroller bags can also be used as a duvet in the crib or in the bed.

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Protection and comfort in a travel system

A travel system can be the perfect solution when running errands with your baby and hopping in and out of the car. By combining your travel system with a Voksi® footmuff, you can make sure that your child is always in a comfortable temperature and protected from wind and too high sun exposure. The Voksi® Move is made from wool and down to protect your child during the colder months, while the Voksi® Move Light made of soft cotton keeps your child perfectly comfortable in milder temperatures.