With 25.000 followers Linn Beito Prestegård and her children Selma (5) and 21-month-old twins Noah and Saga are making an impact on Instagram. Who better to ask a few questions about what is essential when using a changing bag.

About Linn

  • Lives in Kongsberg, Norway, with her boyfriend and three children.
  • Works as a teacher.
  • Enjoys working out, spending time in nature, travelling, being with friends and family.
  • Enthusiastic about interior and refurbishment.
  • Have entirely renovated a house from the 60s.

What are your must-haves in the changing bag?

Diapers, extra set of clothes, zinc cream, diaper sacks, wipes, extra pacifier, a toy, changing mat, swaddling blanket, burp cloth, snacks for mom and snacks for the children.

What are the most essential features of a changing bag?

Being able to have it over your shoulder like a bag or hang it directly on the stroller is important. Also, the storage has to be logical and spacius, easily fitting what you need to bring with you. It’s also a big plus if the bag looks good.

What is your best tips for parents to be when choosing a changing bag?

That the changing bag has to be practical and spacious. Make sure that it can be attached to the stroller, have several compartments and is easy to keep structured. Don’t forget that a changing bag also should be unisex. Dads also go for walks with the child.


In what situations outside the house is it vital for you to have the changing bag?

If the children are with me, so is the changing bag. In other words: I almost always have it with me.

What did you bring with you in the changing bag when giving birth at the hospital?

I packed it how I usually do. Extra set of clothes, diapers, swaddling blanket, zinc cream, pacifier, changing mat. And of course snacks and something to drink while in labour.

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