NEW! Voksi® Ida Ising Denim Limited Edition

We are launcing a LIMITED EDITION Voksi® Ida Ising changing bag! The changing bag is made out of a lovely light denimfabric and only 200 numbered bags will be available. The changing bag has all the smart features as our original changing bags. 

Sara og Herman og DenimHaving your own mobile changing table with you will ensure great flexibility for you as a parent.
Your child will love having its diaper changed in the same place each time and to be put on the soft mattress specially designed for the little ones.

The Voksi® Ida Ising changing bag is a foldout mobile changing table. Changing diapers can comfortably and safely be done on any public baby changing facility, or on the floor, in the park, in the car, on an airplane, in the woods, while travelling – everywhere you go! The changing bag can be used for babies age 0 months and up to your child do not use diapers any longer.

The Voksi® Ida Ising Denim Limited Edition changing bag is made with a soft denim outer fabric which matches perfectly with the lovely Liberty of London inner fabric. The bag has 1 large zipper pocket outside the bag for your phone, keys, money etc. Inside the bag has 4 large pockets, with plenty of room for clothing and equipment. The changing bag has all the smart features as our original changing bags and of course the new functionality.

There is only 200 numbered bags made – so get yours now! As an exclusive member of our Denim Edition Family we would like to stay in contact with you. Please sign up here to be a part of the Denim Edition family!

Voksi Ida Ising changing bag Denim Limited Edition

The history behind our changing bags:

In December 2007 Ida Isings first son was born, and her mother-in-law gave her a homemade changing bag. At first she did not realize how important this particular changing bag was going to be, since this was her first child, and she did not know much about changing bags.

Little by little though, she started to notice the changing bags her friends had – which she thought was not at all as comfortable for the baby as hers, as functional, as practical, as hygienic nor as nice looking.

Ida Ising and her husband have changed their son’s diapers in gardens, in the park, at shopping mall toilets, at airplane toilets, on hard terracotta floor in friends’ houses, at places without changing facilities and many, many other places. Their son was always very comfortable having his diaper changed, primarily because of the changing mattress inside the bag and because he felt comfortable being changed at the same place each time. For them, as parents, it gave them a great flexibility, not being dependent on changing facilities every time a diaper had to be changed.

Lots of Ida’s friends started to ask her where she got this changing bag from, if they could buy one or if she could make one for them. Ida started to sew, to re-design the changing bag into what she thought would be the perfect changing bag. The idea about making her own production one day, began to grow. In 2011 Ida and her husband had their  second child and Ida decided to start with her brand new production of changing bags and a few other things.

In 2014 Ida Ising became part of Voksi®, which resulted in Voksi® Ida Ising changing bags. Soon Ida Ising became Voksi’s Head of Design and immediately started to work with our designs in a fantastic way.