About Voksi

Voksi has been an essential part of the Scandinavian childhood for over 30 years.

In the autumn and winter months, the Scandinavian air gently surrounds you and your child on every walk, long or short, and becomes an essential part of every memory you build together as a family. On those cold, crisp days, the signature of a Scandinavian childhood is the safety of a hand to hold, the warmth of eyes connecting and the loving embrace of a parent when the world gets a bit too big.

You see, we are not only talking about Scandinavia as a geographical location but as a mindset and a way of living. It is simply about joy, love and togetherness. We wish is to bring you a touch of our Scandinavian inspired philosophy, gently surrounding your child, providing safety, warmth and a loving embrace — both for indoor and outdoor activities.

So to parents all over the world: We hope to create a gentle touch of the Scandinavian warmth for your child, together with you. That is why we proudly sign our brand «Scandinavian childhood».