Ása Steinars

Get to know this inspiring Icelandic mom, travel photographer and content creator, Ása Steinars life with her family.

Can you tell a little bit about yourself:

I’m an adventure lover and I always feel the best when I’m outside exploring. Preferably with my camera in hand, capturing content. I started my freelance photography career in 2018 and it was the best decision of my life. Since then I’ve spent more time travelling Iceland than being at home and I think I’ve slept more nights in my van than my “real” bed.

I used to travel all across the world but realized that I prefer the cold and the North. There’s something unique with the light and the conditions here that I love. Most of my time is spent in Iceland but I usually do a visit to both Lofoten and Greenland each year.

I work as a content creator, Iceland travel expert and run a Van tour company in Iceland.

Two years ago I became a mom but I was always determined to keep my passion. We are bringing our son in our van, on hikes and out in nature and he loves it. If anything it’s even more fun exploring Iceland as a family and see how my son discovers the world.

Your favorite adventure with your family

My favorite adventures these days are the ones I share with Atlas. Whether it's camping, hiking, or simply exploring new places, nothing compares to experiencing the world through his curious eyes. This summer, we spent on the road in Iceland. Embracing the life in our van and enjoying every moment of the season.

Essentials to bring when you are out travelling with kids

On these adventures we always bring with us Atlas’s @voksi_official  sleeping bag. We use it everyday for his daytime naps. Then if we go hiking with our tents he spends the night in his Voksi bag. The good thing is that we're always assured that our little adventurer stays warm, even as the temperatures drop.

Other essential you need to bring with you for Atlas when you are out on a trip

The carry seat is super important. With that one we can go for hikes and Atlas is always with us. He loves sitting in it as long as we are moving but the minute we stop, he wants to go out and explore on his own. We have done a lot of hikes with him this summer and it has been super fun.

Atlas also has his own drone. He loves it when I fly so we have given him a replica that looks just the same as the one I have. So when I take out my drone to fly, he takes out his to play with.

Best holiday memory

Waking up in a cozy tent at sunrise, with Atlas and Leo by my side, has created some of my best memories of this summer. Every time we go camping I ask myself why we don’t do it more often. It’s something special being so close to nature and away from the city life. Who else loves camping and waking up in a tent? 🏕️


The winter season is on its way, how does Atlas sleep during the day?

Atlas takes a nap after lunch each day and it’s always in the stroller, tucked into his Voksi sleeping bag. Unless it’s really windy or rainy, he sleeps outside year round. Even in winter. He sleeps so much better outside in the fresh air. If you’re in Iceland in winter, you see strollers everywhere with kids sleeping outside for their day nap. Often tourists are a bit surprised but it’s really no problem, as long as you have a warm sleeping bag.

Best travel destinations in Iceland with kids?

We have travelled all over Iceland with Atlas and his favorite stops are without a doubt the natural hot springs. He loves being in the water so if possible we try to go to one hot spring each day. Even if there’s no natural ones around, you can always go to the local pools that every town in Iceland have. It’s the best way to end a day out in nature and allow the whole family to relax.

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