BIONIC-FINISH®ECO – naturally wind and water repellent

Voksi® strives for making our products as safe and natural as possible. To protect your children from wind and rain as well as to reduce the use and impact of hazardous chemicals, we have chosen to coat several of our bags with the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO.


BIONIC-FINISH®ECO has been developed by the RUDOLF GROUP and is the latest technology for ecologically treating products to become water repellent by mimicking nature. The key of this technology lies in hyper branched, hydrophobic polymers with ramified structures like in tree tops that crystallize on specifically adjusted comb polymers. This results in a water-repellent finish that functions just like for example a bird’s feathers.

Besides imitating nature’s water-repellent structures, the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO also enables water repellence without containing fluorocarbon – just like nature does. This environmentally friendly solution does not release fluoro-organic compounds into the atmosphere and thereby also enables a better future for our children.

How does BIONIC-FINISH®ECO help me and my child?

When purchasing a Voksi® product coated with the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO , you as a parent can be sure that your child is surrounded by materials free from hazardous substances like fluorocarbon or formaldehydes. Yet, the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO ’s great water repellence allows your child to be protected in their Voksi® stroller bag at all times and at the same time offers great comfort and breathability. Thanks to its great resistance against wear and abrasion, the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO enables you and your child to enjoy the Voksi® stroller bag for as long as possible.

Which products are coated in the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO?