Voksi X Eirin Kristiansen

For over 10 years, she has inspired us with fantastic tips and beautiful images through her digital channels.

She provides her followers with insights into everything from small everyday moments to exciting travels. In addition to beautiful content covering interior design, fashion, travel tips, and delicious recipes, some small, cute baby feet have appeared in her feed over the past year. In September 2022, Eirin became the mother of little Francis. We are proud and delighted that Eirin and Francis have embraced our products and want to be our partners. We have had a conversation with Eirin to learn more about her favorite products.

- Which footmuff is your favorite?

Voksi Urban is our absolute favorite stroller bag that ticks all the boxes for us. My son loves sleeping outside in the stroller, and in the Voksi footmuff, I always feel confident that he is warm and comfortable. The fact that this year's model is also waterproof is a great advantage for us living in the rainy city of Bergen.

- What is important to you when choosing wool for your son?

When I select wool for my son, it's important to me to have high-quality wool that feels soft and warm, but also stays in good condition for a long time. Wool is an investment, so it's crucial for me that it lasts and remains nice even after washing. Voksi's wool clothing in 100% merino wool is my first choice for my son, as I find the quality to be fantastic, and I appreciate the design as well. Stylish wool clothes that we can use for everything from daycare to more formal visits and occasions.

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