Sleeping bags

Voksi sleeping bags for children are multi-functional, with materials of high quality and many smart functions. There is a wide range of sleeping bags available and they cover many different needs. For spring and summer, a thinner, cooler spring sleeping bag can keep your baby cosy and comfortable. When it’s getting colder outside and autumn and winter are approaching, thicker sleeping bags are best, with unique insulation to keep your child warm throughout the winter. The multi-functional sleeping bags are designed with a number of details that provide for adjustment to the child's size and your preferences. Many of the sleeping bags fit into bicycle trailers, prams, car seats and sledges. Voksi sleeping bags are suitable from newborn to 4.5 years. The sleeping bags have different features, from an integrated car seat to a carry cot sleeping bag function. Voksi's bestseller, Voksi Urban, has been named the best-in-test premium sleeping bag for many consecutive years.