Wool clothes

We’ve designed the wool collection for babies and children, with focus on making our woollen garments soft and comfortable to wear. We develop woollen clothing that can be worn every day of the year. Voksi has wool for all ages, from baby to junior. The woollen clothing is perfect as a middle layer for a baby sleeping in a pram, as a playsuit and as a woollen layer in a car seat. For older children, woollen clothing is perfect for nursery, school and outdoor play. As wool is temperature-regulating you can be sure that your child will keep warm. All of Voksi's woollen garments are made from 100% merino wool from Australia that is completely mulesing-free. The collection includes everything from woollen balaclavas to thick woollen sweaters to keep you warm on cold days. Wool adapts to the temperature and is perfect for both cold and hot weather. It’s perfect for newborns to wear comfy baby wool that retains warmth, and for older children our woollen clothes are the perfect second layer for outdoor play. You can combine and match the woollen garments as you like, and the different woollen pants match the woollen sweaters in the collection. Take a look at our fantastic collection and wrap your child in warm woollen clothing when it’s starting to get colder outside.