New! Voksi® Active

This fall Voksi® launches the new strollerbag Voksi® Active. Voksi® Active is the perfect strollerbag for active parents. 

Voksi® Active is this season’s exclusive news! Voksi®’s newly launched Active strollerbag delivers what its name promises: It is the perfect companion for the active family that loves to spend their days outdoors. Its carefully selected materials guarantee that the baby is perfectly comfortable in any kind of weather and season. The combination of wool and down ensures that the baby is kept warm and dry, as the wool transports moisture away from the baby while the down warms. Voksi® Active’s  outer fabric is water-repellent and the sealed zip makes sure that the warmth stays in. This makes Voksi® Active a great outdoor bag that can be used in all seasons, for many years.