Parents on the go!

Summer time = vacation time, at least for most of us! No matter where you and your family are going, we would like to offer our Voksi-friends some tips on the way. And of course wish you all a lovely and exciting summer!

Voksi® vacation tips:

  • Always remember to bring your baby’s Voksi® sleeping bag. This way your baby has a well-known place to sleep, no matter if it’s in a new bed, the stroller or a travel bed.
  • Are you flying to a fun destination this year? It can get quite cold in the cabin after a while, so remember to pack an extra set of warm clothes for your baby. Another tip is to also bring a Voksi® Light stroller bag to keep your child nice and warm.
  • You never know when you need to change your baby’s diaper when out and about! What then is better than having your own portable, clean and hygienic changing table with you at all times? With a Voksi® Ida Ising changing bag you get just that!
Voksi vognpose Ida Ising stelleveske

Voksi® tips for travelling by car:

  • We advise you to make sure that you are not keeping your child in a baby car seat for too long, no matter if it is inside the car or in a travel system. A baby’s back is not made for sitting curved for too long and we therefore recommend you to take your baby out of the car seat every 1 ½ to 2 hours and even more frequent for newborns. Using a Voksi® Move Light footmuff makes it easier to move the baby from a car seat to for instance a stroller. 
  • Are you in and out of the car a lot when taking your little one with you? A travel system can be the perfect solution when running errands with your baby. By simply clicking your child car seat onto the stroller, you don’t have to wake your little one up when sleeping in the seat. To make sure that your child is perfectly comfortable in their baby car seat, we recommend using footmuffs that are tailor-made for infant carriers. This way, you can easily regulate the temperature by simply closing or opening up the footmuff.

And remember: For us adults, the aim of the trip is to arrive, while the aim for children is the journey itself. Remember to slow down once in a while and enjoy the wonders of exploring the world together with your children and create everlasting memories.