Voksi® Baby Nest Care


Helps your baby lie safe and sound, no matter where you are.

Dark Grey
Dark Grey
  • Usage age: approx. 0- 5 months.
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with.
  • Firm but soft mattress gives extra support and high ergonomic comfort.
  • Soft but solid outer ring positions and protects the child.
  • To make a greater airflow the bottom fabric is raised at the side.
  • No strings or cords used to prevent the risk of choking.
  • All materials certified according to STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex® Class I

Is your family travelling and staying over in different places like hotels or a family or friends’ home? Do you as a parent place high demands on nursery products when it comes to your baby’s comfort and their well-being? Voksi® Baby Nest Care helps your baby lie safe and sound, no matter where you are.


The Voksi® Baby Nest Care so that you are truly flexible in taking your baby with you and allowing them to lie in a cosy and familiar environment in the safest way possible. By placing a play gym above the Voksi® Baby Nest Care, your baby also has a safe and comfortable playing environment.

Protection and warmth

During the creation of the new Voksi® Baby Nest Care, the focus was placed on developing a cosy and safe environment for babies in modern families. As a result, the egg-shaped Voksi® Baby Nest Care imitates the feeling of being in the mother’s womb and gives your baby a feeling of protection, warmth and being nestled down. Having your baby always lie in the Baby Nest Care while visiting family and friends or going on vacation allows your child to feel comfortable in a familiar environment and makes attended sleeping, lounging and playtime so much easier.


The Voksi® Baby Nest is lightweight, which makes it easy to bring the Voksi® Baby Nest Care with you on any of your travels. To provide your child with the highest safety possible, the Voksi® Baby Nest Care is based on the Voksi Baby Nest Premium that has been tested against multiple standards and has undergone several risk assessments, for example by SGS France.

Technical information

Measurements, outside diameter:

L: 84 cm, W: 54 cm.

Measurements, inside diameter:

L: 64 cm, W: 32 cm


Outer fabric: 100% organic cotton

Inner fabric: 100% organic cotton

Filling: 100% recycled polyester

Mattress: 100% wadding

Washing instructions:

Panel and cover: Wash at 40°C and tumble dry at low heat.

Mattress: Hand wash at 60°C, do not dry tumble.

Wash less: Air your Baby Nest Care, save water and wash only when necessary.


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