The Voksi® Classic+ Mini fits perfectly into your stroller. Can also be used as a duvet, play blanket or as a carry cot.

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  • Usage age: approx. 0-2 years
  • Can be opened up completely to be used as a play blanket or duvet
  • Easy adjustment of head opening around the baby’s head to adapt to the weather conditions
  • Pre-cut holes for internal harness
  • Flaps to prevent thermal bridges
  • Wind – & water repellent outer material made of 100% cotton with BIONIC-FINISH®ECO coating
  • Supplied with a soft pillow
  • Can be used as a carry cot with a carrying board
  • Flexibly foldable to perfectly match your child in length
  • All materials certified according to STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex® Class I
  • Voksi Temperature guide

Technical information

  • Measurements:
    Inside length:  68 – 86 cm
    Outside length: 77 – 99 cm
    Width: 45 cm
  • Outer fabric: 100% Cotton, wind- & water repellent coating
  • Inner fabric: 100% Cotton- Winter duvet: 100% Wool; Summer duvet: 100% Cotton
  • Washing instructions: Duvet cover: Wash at 60°C with gentle cycle, do not dry tumble, do not bleach, iron with low temperature, can be dry cleaned; Wool duvet: Wash at 15°C with gentle cycle, do not dry tumble, do not bleach, do not iron, can be dry cleaned


When developing the updated Voksi® Classic+ Mini, our goal was to provide parents with a truly multifunctional solution that is more than just a stroller bag, fits perfectly to your child’s height and becomes their companion for all sorts of activities during the day. Voksi® Classic+ Mini can not only be used as a stroller bag, but can also be laced open entirely and thus accompanies your child during their day as a play rug or soft blanket.

Multi-functional and versatile – all year long

Voksi® Classic+ Mini allows you to adapt the stroller bag perfectly to the temperature and season. During winter, the Voksi® Classic+ Mini can be used with a winter duvet made of nature’s finest material: 100% wool. It keeps your child perfectly warm and comfortable at all times while transporting moisture away from your child. For warmer months, a soft summer duvet made of 100% cotton is available as an accessory, which allows you to use the Voksi® Classic+ Mini during the whole year. Its outer fabric is made of 100% cotton with a BIONIC-FINISH®ECO coating, making it wind- and water repellent.

Focus on functionality

Besides high-quality materials, the Voksi® Classic+ Mini also allows you to fold it in multiple ways to perfectly adjust it to your child’s height as well as to the temperature conditions and your child’s preferences. When visiting family or friends, the Voksi® Classic+ Mini can be unfolded completely and function as a play blanket or duvet. Pre-cut holes for the stroller’s internal harness enable additional safety for your child. A pacifier holder badge near the head opening helps you to always keep your child’s pacifier in reach by attaching a pacifier holder to it.