Textile safety and OEKO-TEX® certification

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Textile safety and OEKO-TEX® certification
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Textile safety and OEKO-TEX® certification

At Voksi®, it’s important to us that you have confidence in our products so we want to be clear with you about the steps we are taking to ensure our products are made of the softest and healthiest materials possible. We hope this will make it easier for you to make the right choices for your family.

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Safe textiles for your baby – another small step towards a healthier lifestyle

There is nothing more precious than a newborn baby and as parents we will do anything to keep them safe. When you are expecting your first child is often the time you begin to look more critically at the way you eat, the chemicals that you bring into your house and the baby products that you are buying. You want to be sure that you are doing everything you can to protect your new baby and their fragile, sensitive skin.

We have seen a dramatic rise in people’s expectations about food quality and safety. There has also been a greater awareness of the potential toxicity in our personal and home care products. However many people don’t know much about the textiles and clothing they buy or what kind of effects their production has on themselves and the environment.

Preparing your home for your new baby

When preparing your home for your new baby or even welcoming number two or three into the family, you can buy chemical-free products in everything from room décor and bedding to nappies and clothing. Additionally, if you shop sustainably you are probably already accustomed to looking for information on labels, asking sales staff in shops or researching a company or product online.

So, how do you know what to look for when buying clothing and textiles, especially for your children?

We can help you to feel good about your choices by giving you confidence in the textiles used in Voksi products. The OEKO-TEX® label ensures that our products have been tested and certified as free from harmful levels of more than 300 substances. Everything has been tested, including zippers, buttons, sewing threads and labels.

This means you don’t have to wash the products before you use them because they don’t contain any toxic or allergic substances. Find out more about our range of high-quality sleeping bags, changing bags, accessories and the new baby nest here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row”][vc_column]


Textile safety and OEKO-TEX® certification

At Voksi®, it’s important to us that you have confidence in our products so we want to be clear with you about the steps we are taking to ensure our products are made of the softest and healthiest materials possible. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to make the right choices for your family.

We don’t just claim to make safe products and we don’t want you to simply take our word for our production methods. We know that our customers care enough about their families and the environment to find these things out for themselves. To help give you that assurance, all of our products proudly wear the OEKO-TEX® ‘Confidence in Textiles’ label to show you that Voksi products are independently certified as safe.

OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide association of independent institutes for product safety and sustainable production in the textile industry.

Introduced in 1992

Introduced in 1992, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is an independent product label for all types of textiles tested for harmful substances. This includes yarns and fabrics as well as the ready-to-use items that you can buy in the shops.

Products can only receive the ‘Confidence in Textiles’ label if all components of the required criteria are fulfilled without objections. The more intensive the skin contact, the more intensive requirements.

Textile products are awarded the STANDARD 100 label if, on the basis of the extensive OEKO-TEX® criteria catalogue, they have been successfully tested by one of the OEKO-TEX® member institutes for chemicals that pose a health risk, and therefore contribute to an effective consumer protection.

Babies’ sensitive skin requires special protection. Product Class 1 is the strictest of all four classes in the OEKO-TEX® certification process, testing products for children up to the age of three for harmful substances. The additional requirement for saliva-resistance means that colours and prints should not bleed or stain when babies suck on them.

The certification process is lengthy and rigorous. It had taken nearly two years for all Voksi products to become certified and this included working with suppliers to find subcontractors that complied with the strict OEKO-TEX® standard 100, Class 1. Each year, OEKO-TEX® control tests at least 25% of all issued certificates to ensure the product owner still fulfils the certification requirements. Read more about our work with OEKO-TEX® here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1537964808885{background-color: #ededed !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Voksi® is part of the solution

In a global survey* conducted by OEKO-TEX®, 70% of participants said they were committed to living a sustainable, environmentally responsible lifestyle and 40% were concerned about harmful substances in clothing or home textiles. It’s important for Voksi to not only develop products with children’s best interests in mind, but to reassure you that we are taking steps towards being safer and more sustainable.

We welcome the challenge of consumers being more sustainably aware and wanting to find out information about how products are made. It helps us be more accountable and take all of the necessary steps to ensure our products are certified as the safest they can be for your child. OEKO-TEX® certification is just the beginning for us. Voksi is on a journey towards becoming even more environmentally and socially responsible as we continue to work with producers and materials to achieve the best quality possible.

Most importantly, we hope that Voksi products will help you feel better about your purchasing decisions, particularly for children. We want to help you do the right thing – together we can have an impact.

(*source: OEKO-TEX® ‘Key to Confidence’ survey, 2017)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1537964821879{background-color: #ededed !important;}”][vc_column width=”1/3″]

Sleep, my baby! Alfen in his Voksi Urban
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Textile safety and OEKO-TEX® certification
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Textile safety and OEKO-TEX® certification
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Global study – the key to textile confidence

Oeko-Tex® has a vision to make the world a little better, particularly the textile world. In commemoration of their 25 year anniversary, they conducted a global survey, looking at consumer attitudes towards sustainability. Below are a few key findings:

  • 39% of consumers say they avoid brands that are not friendly to the environment or the people making products
  • 40% said they have adopted a more natural diet or tried to commute in a more environmentally-responsible way

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What steps are you taking?

What small steps are you taking towards helping us achieve a healthier planet? Get in touch to share your story or to find out more about how we develop Voksi products with your child’s best interests in mind.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]