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Ready or not? Autumn and kindergarten days are on the way!

You’ve been enjoying the long, lazy summer days as a family. Spending time outdoors, exploring new places, forgetting what day and hour it is… (hands up if your kids have occasionally missed their usual bedtime while the nights were like daytime!).

When you look at your calendar you realise that August is coming up fast! The return to (or first day of) kindergarten is just around the corner.  And so is autumn. Are you and your baby prepared?

Assuming that your child hasn’t already started writing a list of what they’ll need for kindergarten, you might want to give it some thought. Busy working days and the change of season will sneak up on you so now is the best time to get organised. Let us help you put it all together.

There’s a kindergarten kid in the house!

Will this be the first time your child is cared for outside of home? It’s an exciting (and daunting) time – a whole new world of friends and fun experiences awaits them.

Your kindergarten team will tell you what you need to bring, including one very important naptime accessory – a stroller sleeping bag. In most of Scandinavia, children up to the age of 2 or 3 will take their daytime sleep outside in a stroller. It’s essential that they have the right sleeping bag to keep them comfortable and warm.

For the milder days

August temperatures are still a little milder so a stroller bag from the Voksi® Light collection is the perfect solution. The light cotton fabric won’t overheat your child and you can zip off the foot end for extra ventilation.

Keep warm

As the days start to get cooler, you should swap to something warmer. The Voksi® Active, Voksi® City and Voksi® Urban are made of soft, temperature-regulating materials. The filling of down/feathers and wool will keep baby protected during colder weather.

For the more ‘senior’ kindergarten kids, a daytime nap might be a thing of the past (sigh!). But during relaxation time indoors, a comforting blanket from home will come in handy.  A Voksi® sleeping bag ticks that box too because it zips open to use as a blanket or play mat. And with the addition of a clever extension piece as your child grows, our bags will be a familiar sleeping companion for many years.

You’ll love the versatility of our sleeping bags – for kindergarten, home and when you’re out and about. Explore the whole range of Voksi® sleeping bags and get our advice on choosing the right one for every purpose and season.

Aside from a sleeping bag, here are a few more suggestions for your kindergarten packing list.

Kindergarten essentials checklist:

  • Spare clothes – remember the layers!
  • Rain clothes, boots, outdoor wear
  • Indoor and outdoor shoes
  • Body suits to wear under the sleeping bag
  • A little backpack for your child’s belongings
  • A bigger bag to take things home at the end of the week for washing
  • And don’t forget to label your child’s clothing and sleeping bags!

If your child is a little older, get them involved in the daily bag packing tasks. They’ll love helping and it will set up some good habits for school. And lastly, ease your child back into a good sleep routine so that their transition to kindergarten goes as smoothly as possible.

And from all of us at Voksi® – enjoy a great start to the season!

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