There’s a reason some people refer to December as the ‘silly season’. All of that rushing about from one festive event to the next – squeezing our calendars to bursting point to make time for family, friends and ALL the food. There’s also the chaos of shopping for gifts, decorations and special outfits, while still juggling the challenges of everyday life.

It’s cold!

On top of all that, it’s COLD. When you have kids, that means extra clothes, hats, boots, jackets, blankets…the list goes on! It can start to feel like you’re outfitting an entire football team, especially when you are getting them in and out of the car multiple times. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you didn’t have to do a superhero outfit change each time? Your child probably thinks so too!

Voksi® Move stroller bag

With the Voksi Move stroller bag, you can take baby straight from stroller to car seat and vice versa. There’s no need to undress or put clothes back on and baby stays warm and cosy during the transfer. Featuring back openings and pre-cut holes at different heights, it’s easy to correctly position the internal harness of your stroller or car seat. It also avoids adding a thick extra layer between your child and the harness.

The combination of wool, down, feathers and soft cotton keeps your child warm during cold days. The wool filling in the bottom part has the unique ability to transport moisture away from the baby’s body while keeping a stable and comfortable temperature. The down/feather-filled top part provides cosy and lightweight protection for your child and a central zipper allows for quick ventilation.

We also strive to give you products made with the safest and healthiest textiles possible. This is why the materials used in all our stroller bags are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1. And for your peace of mind, Voksi Move has been crash tested and approved for use in BeSafe infant seats.




Emergency zipper – to get out in a hurry!

In case of a collision or emergency where you need to get your baby out of the car seat as fast as possible, we’ve fitted the Voksi Move with an emergency ‘break-a-way zipper’ on the foot muff. It works by simply pulling each side of the zipper apart, allowing you to quickly take your baby out of the bag.

The fast facts: All you need to do is pull on each side of the zipper and the zipper will run down quickly. The zipper is not damaged by this and can be used again right after.




Surviving the silly season

Along with the fun stuff, the festive season can present a dizzying array of demands, especially when added to the challenges of parenting. Here are some tips that might give you a bit of breathing space amidst all the parties, Christmas shopping, baking and managing family expectations.

  • Make time for YOU – take a walk, read a book, listen to music, have a massage…do something that is relaxing and purely indulgent.
  • Make a plan for the festive weeks – for shopping, menus, parties, everything! Lists are a great way to organise a tired and frazzled brain and will avoid the last-minute rush to overcrowded shops.
  • Make time for your child – the silly season can be exhausting for them too, with all the rushing around, crowds of people and late nights. Try to keep a routine established and give your child some quiet time away from the noise and stimulation. Even better, snuggle them up in a Voksi stroller bag and take them out for walk – fresh air does wonders for reducing stress!