Voksi Premium Nature Meet the family Hammer Friberg

Meet the family Hammer Friberg

A family of four with a fifth member on the way, based in the beautiful surroundings of Bornholm – where the nature is not to be taken lightly! Mads is a stay-at-home dad and Sofie is the co-owner of a multi-company. It is through this company, that Sofie lets her creativity flow through photography, graphic designs, webpages and other visual designs. The family will through a series of small stories, share their adventures from the raw, beautiful island of Bornholm – the so called ‘Sunshine Island’.

Part 1. Winter Wonderland

Voksi Premim Nature outside stroller familiy Hammer Friberg

August 2017. We moved to Bornholm, when Knud was about a month old and Fay was about 2,5 years old. I’ve always had an idyllic dream about the ‘Sunshine Island’, Bornholm – where the sun is shining and the birds are singing. And yes! The first couple of months where amazing and the ‘Sunshine Island’ lived up to its promises, and most important of all our expectations. Ice-creams, warm summer days, sunshine ad libitum and freshly smoked fish from the smokehouse was an everyday thing.

But then, all of a sudden on a grey October day, everything closed for the season. Left with only raw nature, grocery stores and everyday life, we looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and thought to ourselves: “Everything is going to be just fine – we need a break from the busy tourist season and the ice-creams anyway”. All in all, we were ready to face our first winter on the ‘Sunshine Island’.

Voksi Premium Nature children family Hammer Friberg
Voksi Premium Nature Knud family Hammer Friberg

All Scandinavian knows, that the winters here can be long, wet, cold and dark. Bornholm is no exception, and even though the cliffs and rocks along with the beautiful nature made up for the winter-sadness, it could not make up for the fact, that the winter lasted from October to April.

In the middle of all the dark and cold misery, a quite spectacular thing happened: A Winter Wonderland. A memory, that will stay with me forever. For the first time, we experienced what it’s like to live on the island in the middle of the Baltic Sea during wintertime. For several days, we were unable to leave our home, as the snow made it impossible for us to venture out. Luckily, Knud had his Voksi® Premium Nature sleeping-bag when he had to sleep outside in storming weather and -15 degrees.

Voksi Premium Nature basket Knud family Hammer Friberg
Voksi Premium Nature Knud basket family Hammer Friberg
Voksi Premium Nature outside family Hammer Friberg

Throughout the winter, we have stayed mainly indoors in front of the woodburning stove and cuddling up with warm woolen blankets. Also, hot cocoa has been involved to get warm by. The Voksi® Premium Nature, is easily zipped open, and can be used as a warm play-blanket. Both Knud and Fay has been fond of this feature throughout the winter.

The Winter Wonderland has not been bad all in all. But… Now, we are longing for warmer weather, ice-creams and freshly smoked fish. Luckily, the snow is on a retreat, and we are starting to feel the vibes of Spring. The island is starting to flourish, becoming the ‘Sunshine Island’ once again.

Voksi Premium Nature sit mat family Hammer Friberg
Voksi Premium Nature sitmat family Hammer Friberg
Voksi Premium Nature basket close-up family Hammer Friberg

Find a window, because we have the front row seat to the Baltic Sea. Just 100 meters from our house, is the home of the roaring sea. It is the perfect place to go for a walk, now that the Spring has reported its arrival – even though it’s still cold and windy, the sunshine breaks through and leaves us longing for more. From our dining room, we have the daily pleasure of ships passing by, birds crossing the sky and the sunshine dancing in the water, making it look like a sea of diamonds. Here we sit, dreaming away to warm weather, sunshine and summertime.