A Voksi® sleeping bag gets your baby outside all year round

A Voksi® sleeping bag gets your baby outside all year round

There’s certainly no place like home but we know you also love taking your child outdoors, no matter the weather. It’s good for you too! That’s why you need a Voksi sleeping bag because we’ve thought of everything when it comes to being outside with baby, in any season.

There’s nothing that puts an end to an outing quicker than leaving something behind – a favourite toy, a bottle, spare diapers…! It’s the same if you don’t have the right clothing. Too overdressed and you spend the whole time stripping off layers; not warm enough and a fun day out can quickly become a misery.

Sleeping bags offer a cosy and familiar environment, with room for baby to move. They prevent you from overdressing your child in too many layers and give you the reassurance that every part of their little body is warm and protected.

A bag for all seasons

Voksi® knows how important it is for your baby to be comfortable and for you to feel confident with your choice of sleeping bag. Read on, and we’ll help you select the right bag for your child, for any outdoor adventure, all year round.

Baby it’s cold outside

Once the weather gets cold, you want to be cosy and warm and spend more time indoors. But if you lead an active lifestyle and want your child to acclimatise to wintry temperatures, the right bag is essential. So when you’re out for a long walk in the snow or on a ski trip, bundle them up in the Voksi® Active – our warmest sleeping bag. It’s also perfect for babies who nap outdoors. The Active fits in your stroller, bicycle trailer, sledge or jogging stroller and in harsh weather conditions it keeps baby toasty from head to toe.

Urban Explorer

Getting around the city with your baby is a fun way to spend time together doing everyday things. It could be a trip to the shops, the library or a stroll down to the playground. On chilly days, you probably grab a warm jacket to protect yourself from the cold but what about the little passenger you’re pushing through the streets? They’ll keep cosy in the Voksi® City or Voksi® Urban as they watch the world go by.

The frequent traveller

If you’re a busy family, you’re probably always on the go from one place to another. To make it easy to move your child from stroller to car, choose the Voksi® Move sleeping bag. Designed to keep baby safe and warm in the car, it’s been crash tested for use in BeSafe infant seats.

Get out in the sunshine

Some days it might feel like winter is never going to end. Once spring has sprung and summer starts to work its sunny magic on the world, you’ll want to get outdoors even more. You might not need to snuggle up so much on warmer days but the weather can still be a bit changeable. To offer protection against the wind and when the evenings are chilly, the Voksi® SkyLight has got you (well, your baby!) covered.

 A solution for every situation

Each bag suits different weather conditions but what about climate control, when going inside a warm shop straight from the street? All Voksi® sleeping bags offer different solutions to meet this need. The Voksi® City features a zipper in the front and the Voksi® Urban has side zippers, combining comfort and functionality. Additionally, you can open the foot end of most of the Voksi® bags for extra ventilation.

Voksi® sleeping bags aren’t just for using in the stroller. Use them indoors for sleeping or open them fully to use as a soft play rug or blanket.

Lastly, should you choose down or wool filling, or both? What are the differences? We’ve delved into that topic too, read more here.

Dressing for the season

Getting out in the fresh air and being active with your child has so many wonderful benefits for you both. Follow these important tips to dress your baby comfortably for the great outdoors, no matter the weather:

  • Give yourself plenty of time to leave the house – dressing a baby and preparing what you need for an outing can be like a military operation!
  • Dress your baby in layers – one more layer than for yourself is a good guide, but don’t overdo it
  • Woollen clothing is a great choice because it keeps baby warm and insulated in cold weather and can help regulate body heat on milder days
  • Before you zip your baby into the bag, pop on a thin hat or balaclava and mittens
  • Once you’re out, observe your baby’s body temperature by feeling the back of their neck, hands or stomach. Also look for the grizzling signs that might mean they’re too hot or too cold
  • When you head inside after being outdoors, make sure to give baby some extra ventilation – they can quickly overheat in warm shops or cafes
  • And to avoid cutting your outing short because you forgot something, bring along as many extra layers, bottles, comfort toys and nappies as you need!

Find out more about getting out of the house with baby and the practical benefits of Voksi® sleeping bags.