Voksi® Wool Clothes collection 2018 is here!

Keep your baby warm and stylish this winter with Voksi® Wool Clothes

Winter is coming! Will a new wardrobe help get you excited about the change of season? All of those new pieces to freshen up your look. And don’t forget, your kids will need some new clothes too! There’s no reason why you both shouldn’t be wearing the latest ‘must haves’ (while keeping warm too!). We’re excited to give you this sneak preview of the newest trends in baby clothing for the next season. Let us showcase our winter collection for you.

Voksi® Clothes Winter 2018: softness, warmth and wintry inspiration

Crafted from soft merino wool we designed the entire Winter 2018 collection with warmth, comfort and style in mind. Featuring soft, gentle colours and patterns, we’ve taken inspiration from the cosy comforts you seek as winter settles in. Think cosy, warm knits and fluffy, woollen scarves, fur-lined boots crunching the snow underfoot. Your home nestles around you with cosy throw rugs and warm candlelight. Does it make you want to give into childish impulses like pillow fights in your pyjamas or jumping into a mountain of cushions?

The new range of Voksi baby and children’s clothing and accessories bring these delights of the new season to life. The multi-purpose outfits come in an abundance of soothing colours – soft, dusky pink, misty grey, deep charcoal and wintry sky blue. For our nightsuits we’ve chosen gentle patterns of sweet penguins and snowy mountain tops or rows of thick fir trees.

We’ve got all your baby clothing needs covered – for at home, day care, outdoors and on the go:

  • adorable two-tone day-and-night bodysuits with matching, cuffed sweat pants
  • practical two-tone shirts and cuffed pants with contrasting stitching detail
  • soft ribbed long sleeve zip-front sweaters with matching rib leggings
  • double fleece jumpsuits with fully-opening zipper front
  • add a headband with a cute bow or a snug balaclava to finish off baby’s outfits with extra warmth and style

And these outfits don’t just look good, they’re also functional – worn as underwear on cold days or for playing at day care. No movement-restricting suits or tricky openings. Every piece allows for limitless play – it’s clothing that feels just like a natural part of everyday life.

Voksi® Clothing is available in sizes 56 to 140.

Voksi® loves wool for so many reasons

The best part? The whole collection is made from an ultra-touchable, high quality Merino wool. Because we know how great wool clothing is for all seasons (it’s why we choose it for our stroller bags too!). It’s soft to the touch and gentle on your baby’s skin. Additionally, Merino wool is perfect for babies because it both insulates AND breathes. Temperature regulating is not something that your baby comes equipped with so it’s important to dress them in clothing that won’t overheat them. Merino wool naturally regulates temperatures, so baby will stay comfortable in all conditions – not too hot, not too cold, but juuuuust right!

So, let the wind, rain and snow come – we’re ready for it and your baby will be too, from head to toe!

Voksi® Wool Clothes collection 2018 – Styles:

Voksi®Wool Body

The classic and functional body. Choose between two different prints – trees or penguins. Both prints are available in blue, pink or grey. Size: 56-98

Voksi® Wool Jogging pants

Made in a soft merino wool mix which makes the pants more durable for when the little ones are crawling on the floor. Comes in blue, pink and grey. Size: 56-98

Voksi® Wool Double Fleece Jumpsuit

Our super soft and cosy double fleece knit is wonderfully wearable and durable and is perfect as both mid- and outer layer. Comes in blue, pink or grey. Size: 50/56-86/92

Voksi® Wool Shirt and Leggings

The soft shirts and leggings are made in a nice thin quality which is comfortable for the child to wear as the inner layer. Choose between blue, pink or grey. Size: 98/104 – 134/140

Voksi® Wool RIB Sweater and Pants

Soft sweater in RIB knit for extra comfort and warmth. Choose between blue or pink. Size: 74/80 – 122/128

Voksi® Wool Jumpsuit

A functional and soft jumpsuit for snuggles and as nightwear. Penguin print in blue, pink and grey. Size: 56-98

Voksi® Wool Headband

A timeless and elegant headband with a cute bow. Choose between pink or navy. Size: 52-54

Voksi® Wool Balaclava

Soft and snug balaclava which comes in blue, pink and grey. Size: 41, 45, 48, 50, 52

Do you know how much we care about your baby?

We care a lot. At Voksi, it’s important to us that you are confident you are buying the best in terms of quality, comfort and performance. Your baby’s wellbeing is also our top priority. It’s why all of our products proudly wear the OEKO-TEX® ‘Confidence in Textiles’ label. The Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® label ensures that our products are free from harmful levels of more than 300 substances. This means that all Voksi products have independent safety certification. Read more about OEKO-TEX®.