Stroller bags with down, with wool or with both – which one to choose?

No matter if on rainy and windy Autumn days or during the cold and snowy Winter, it is important to protect your child against the cold and moisture. To help you choose, we have summarized the differences for you!

Stroller bags filled with down

Down is a lightweight and comfortable material that creates a particularly cosy and fluffy texture and environment for the child. In Voksi® stroller bags, the down filling is blended with feathers to assure a light and airy sleeping bag. The air in the down filling makes it thermally insulated and allows the temperature to be kept stable.

Which Voksi® stroller bags are filled with down and feathers?

  • Voksi® City is a lightweight and flexible stroller bag filled with down and feathers in both bottom and top.

Stroller bags filled with wool

Wool is a material that provides optimal insulation because of its natural ability to transport moisture away from the child as well as to regulate the temperature. It thereby creates a warm and dry environment and maximum comfort for your child.

Which Voksi® stroller bags are filled with wool?

Stroller bags filled with both down and wool

Voksi® also offers stroller bags that are filled with wool in the bottom part and down/feathers in the top part. The wool filling in the bottom part has the unique ability to transport moisture away from the baby’s body while keeping a stable and comfortable temperature. The down/feather-filled top part creates a cosy and lightweight protection for your child. While down functions as an isolating layer, feathers protect against wetness and wind.

Which Voksi® stroller bags are filled with wool in the bottom part and feathers in the top part?

  • Voksi® Active is truly made for the Outdoors with materials that enable high water resistance, are wind-proof and are particularly breathable.
  • Carefully selected natural materials in combination with smart ways of adapting the Voksi® Urban make it the perfect fit for the parents who seek for a warm and comfortable solution during cold weather.
  • Voksi® Move is tailor-made for baby car seats and provides frequently travelling parents with a solution that keeps their child comfortable and warm in the baby car seat, while not restricting your child’s safety in the car seat.