Sleeping bag with down and with or without wool – which should you choose?

With autumn comes rainy days and it gets humid outside and winter is also just around the corner and it soon becomes cold in the air. It is therefore important to protect the child against cold and moisture, but which sleeping bag should you choose?

Sleeping bag with down

Down is a lightweight and comfortable material that regulates the temperature relative to the child. Voksi® City is a lightweight and flexible sleeping bag made of down and feather. The down filling is blended with feathers to assure a light and airy sleeping bag. The air in the down filling makes it thermally insulated and allows the temperature to be kept stable.

Sleeping bag with wool

Wool is a material that provides optimum insulation because of the air between the fibers that allows the moisture to be transported away from the child. As it transports moisture away from the child, a warm and dry environment and maximum comfort for your child is ensured. Voksi® Classic and Voksi® Classic+ is made of 100% wool and our new Voksi® Premium Nature is made of the best quality materials on the market. By choosing Australian sheepskin as an inner material and coated canvas on the outside, the Voksi® Premium Nature helps you endure temperature far below 0°C.

Sleeping bag with down and wool

The wool filling in the bottom part has the unique ability to transport moisture away from the baby’s body while keeping a stable and comfortable temperature. The down/feather-filled top part creates a cosy and lightweight protection for your child. While down functions as an isolating layer, feathers protect against wetness and wind.
Voksi® Active is truly made for the outdoors with materials that enable high water resistance, are wind-proof and are particularly breathable.

The favorite Voksi® Urban is a lovely sleepingbag with wool and down filling. With its elegant design and many smart features, Urban is one of our bestsellers.

Voksi® Move is our tailor made footmuff in wool and down for baby car seats and strollers.